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Renee Rose, LPC, ATR, PMH-C

Counseling pregnant and postpartum moms AND those with trauma.

Mother and Child

I'm glad you're here.  Call 616-888-5585 today and get on the path to wellness.


The #1 complication of childbirth is depression and can occur as early as conception. 

So why is it that you feel shame that you're struggling?

You are pregnant.  Your back hurts, your belly itches and you get nauseous at the drop of a hat.  You're tired and too overwhelmed to be happy.  You worry about whether you can do this mommying thing.  Everyone around you expects you to be excited.  You don't know who to talk to because you don't feel the same.  And this feels so isolating.  

1 in 7 Women have postpartum depression.

Baby is here.  People say you’ll feel better if you can get some rest but even when you try, you can't sleep.  It's been a few weeks and you're not adjusting.  They don’t understand why you’re not elated and you don’t dare share that you wish for your old life back when things were easier and you weren’t sad or anxious all the time. 

You’re looking for a sense of relief that having this baby will be okay.

  You want to overcome the pain of your pregnancy and/or delivery.

  You want to feel safe with your baby.

  You want to enjoy life with your baby. 

You are not alone.  


Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders are treatable! 


With help, you will be well.



Untreated postpartum depression can become chronic depression.

You're struggling in some way, that's why you're here.  I'm glad you found me!  I help with a variety of issues but I specialize in Perinatal Mental Health.  Call 616-888-5585 for your free 15 minute phone consultation today.  Not sure you can make time for therapy?  I offer telehealth (online therapy) which makes it easier to meet at home, during your lunch break, before or after work right from your car!

"Our time with you is the most in depth she's ever gone with discussing things.  So despite having past counseling, we've entered new territory because you provoke thoughts and feelings that are good and bad and in the big picture lead to real help and progress.  Thank you for being you." - Parent of client
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