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Therapy Services

Mother with her Child


Therapy for Moms (and babies)

Pregnancy and postpartum mental health issues are treatable.  It’s helpful to have someone with personal experience and specialized training, like me, to help you through this challenging time.  Please don’t wait for things to get worse, get help now, you don’t deserve to suffer.

Family Walking On the Beach


Kids, Teens and Family Therapy

Sometimes families struggle and need support to communicate in healthy ways and work together.  Or something difficult has happened and everyone needs help figuring out how to move forward.    Kids and teens may have some intense feelings and behaviors (or withdraw) which come from somewhere, right?  They need us adults!  Don't give up.  We can help them and I can help support you.  We all know parenting is not easy.



Art Therapy

Art therapy is a communication tool and process within counseling.  Due to its sensory nature, it allows clients to tap into non-verbal elements of communication through visual and symbolic expression. This is especially helpful to certain populations such as children and those impacted by trauma in which communication is not always verbal.  Art can help put words to experiences, help process and organize feelings. 

Tattooed Wrists


Big Stress (Trauma) Therapy

Trauma is yucky.  Whether therapy is for your child or your chaotic childhood is causing you problems in your life, working through it allows it to be a chapter in your life story but not define you and the present.  With help you have the ability to move past your trauma and write new chapters for your life ahead.

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