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Therapy for Moms (and babies)

Pregnancy and postpartum mental health issues are treatable.  It’s helpful to have someone with personal experience and specialized training, like me, to help you through this challenging time.  Please don’t wait for things to get worse, get help now, you don’t deserve to suffer.

I offer therapy for Moms (and babies).  Therapy for mothers that are pregnant or postpartum and experiencing some mental health challenges is called Perinatal Mental Health.  Sometimes moms will recognize that something isn't right - depression, anxiety, panic, etc.  Sometimes moms will be referred by others such as their partner, family or doctor.  It is not often talked about but the #1 complication of childbirth is depression and it can begin as early as conception.

There are many models that can help such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, support groups, and a plan of support.  I have received specialized training in Perinatal Mental Health and am trained in some of these specific therapies.  

Additionally, I have specialized training in Infant Mental Health.  I can provide support and guidance regarding development and attachment with your baby.

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