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Art Therapy

*Now offering art therapy at my art therapy studio/counseling office in Grand Rapids! 

Art therapy is a communication tool and process within counseling.  Due to its sensory nature, it allows clients to tap into non-verbal elements of communication through visual and symbolic expression. This is especially helpful to certain populations such as children and those impacted by trauma in which communication is not always verbal.  Art can help put words to experiences, help process and organize feelings. 

Everyone is different.  Some people like being creative and making art in session to use as a tool to explore and process.  These people may also find that making art is therapeutic.  Some people don't want to make art.  Whatever your interests are, I will follow your lead.  

If you choose to incorporate art into therapy, we can use it to tap into difficult thoughts and feelings, to develop insight, for a therapeutic experience, be used as a communication tool, etc.  I particularly enjoy using art therapy to help families communicate, be heard and heal.  And for individuals to develop greater self esteem and resilience by developing their voice.  Artwork can be a concrete visualization of progress as the art may change over time.

You do not need to be skilled at art to do art therapy because it is about the process and not the product.  We can use a variety of mediums (drawing, painting, modeling clay, etc.) and I can show you basics for how to use the mediums and take care of the tools (paint bushes, etc.).  There is no need to be intimidated but I certainly understand if you are.

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